About us:

Founded in July 1971, Sagentra Trade Corporation (Pty) Limited deals internationally and, in the main, in steel and metal products supplied by reputable principals from every continent.

Since its inception, with the help of global partnerships and synergetic complementary diversification, the company has been looking after the requirements of a trusting clientele in both sub-Equator Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.

Steel, in all its shapes and forms, be it re-inforcing bars or drawn wires, flat sheets or round pipes, ... still remains the mainstay and the backbone of its trading activity.

Such activity covers the usual facets of trade: provision of raw materials, distribution and stockholding. These facilities are rendered in collaboration with its partners and in accordance with the specific requirements of the individual client.

Being a multi-skilled corporation, Sagentra offers an effective and efficient linkage between supplier and client and adds value to every step towards the resulting partnerships.

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